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PONTiS Suture

The PONTiS suture is a multi-filament stainless steel suture comprised of 49 filaments. Unlike mono-filament stainless steel it is pliable, does not kink and is easy to use and handle. It has over twice the Ultimate Tensile Strength of Fiberwire suture and is twice as stiff, resisting elongation.

A coating is present at each end to facilitate threading of the suture through the crimp. This coating is color coded to simplify threading. The coating prevents the suture from fraying as it separates into its component filaments once cut. The suture has a needle on both ends.

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PONTiS Crimp

A stainless steel crimp is used to connect the multi-filament suture from both sides of the tendon laceration. The crimp has been shown to be twice as strong and stiff as a knot.

Two strands of stainless steel suture are passed from each side, and the crimp is compressed with the crimp tool to connect the sutures.

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Sutures & Crimp 400‐3011
1 ‐ Multifilament SS Implant (31.4cm), White, Size 3‐0 (USP) With TWO Curved Needles (19 mm, 3/8c Reverse Cutting), 1 ‐ Multifilament SS Implant (31.4cm), Black, Size 3‐0 (USP) With TWO Curved Needles (19 mm, 3/8c Reverse Cutting), 1 ‐ Collar Crimp, SS, 4 Strands, 0.01214″ Suture, 0.4mm Wall
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