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Simple Method

Simple method of passing the tendon through the pulleys.

Stronger Repair

Significantly stronger than knotted suture repairs. Stainless steel, multifilament PONTiS sutures have high yield strength to avert gapping.

Reduced Friction

The crimp is centrally maintained within the confines of the tendon, minimizing friction in the pulleys.

Minimally Invasive Capabilities

Smaller, mini-incision causes less surgical trauma, swelling and scarring. Simple technique for passing tendon through the pulleys. Faster technique than current methods.

Exact Pre-Tensioning

Compact crimp collars provide the flexibility to achieve precise tension compared to knotted suture repairs.

Early Post-Op Therapy

PONTiS’ superior strength of repair helps to provide patients with earlier, active mobilization and a faster return to functionality.

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